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Lite Sorbents

We offer a wide range of pads, rolls, socks, mats and rugs designed to prevent slips, quickly absorb moisture, and contain and soak up spills. Strong and effective, our lite sorbents are affordable and come in a number of materials for a variety of industrial applications, including hazardous material spills, caustic fluid containment, and static-dissipative needs. We also carry professional spill kits, containment products, and drain covers.

We can order the full line of lite sorbents from our partners, Spill Tech and Brady.

Rolls & Pads

Rolls, pads, and socks by SpillTech

Grips the Floor for Safety

Top and bottom layers of FineFiber are built of densely-woven, small-diameter strands of fiber to increase surface area — enabling the mat to grip the floor and secure it for safer walking. Universal application for oil, coolants, solvents and water.

Virtually Indestructible

FineFiber Mat has a layer of MeltBlown polypropylene ultrasonically sandwiched between two FineFiber layers. Sonic-bonded "Dimples" add fast-wicking power and strength. 3-ply construction gives mat durability for fewer change-outs.

High Sorbency Means It Stays on the Job Longer

Large-diameter MeltBlown polypropylene fibers create a high-loft inner layer that absorbs high volumes of liquid fast. Heavyweight construction offers the greatest sorbency.


Sorbent Socks

Lite Sorbents: Industrial Cleaning Supplies Detroit | Flor-Dri Supply - sock11


40 - 3” x 4’, Durable, universal, polypropylene socks per package. Use one sock to cover all your needs! Absorbs oils, coolants, solvents, and water. Absorbs 30 gallons per package.

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SpillKit and pads by Brady

Universal Trucker SpillKit

Includes a variety of sorbents to handle smaller spills of oils, coolants, solvents or water that truckers encounter on a regular basis; pre-packed in a handy bag. Small size easily fits behind the seat of a truck.


Lite Sorbents: Industrial Cleaning Supplies Detroit | Flor-Dri Supply - truckerspill-kit

Kit includes:

  • 20 – 15”x19” Gray, Univ. HeavyWt. SonicBonded pads
  • 3 – 3”x4’ Gray, Univ. Socks
  • 1 – Yellow disposal bag
  • 1 pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 pair Safety Goggles
  • 1 – Vinyl SpillKit Label
  • 1 – Clear Vinyl Zippered Bag

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Georgia All Purpose Absorbent


Georgia All Purpose Absorbent3-ply construction makes it stronger, more durable and reduces lint. Gray color masks drips and spills, dimpled and perforated so you can take only what you need and reduce waste, medium weight pad.


Georgia All Purpose Absorbent3-ply construction; double-sided, low-linting coverstock and meltblown core; heavy weight perforated pads. Premium extra-tough universal sorbent perfect for wipe down applications.

ENV510 and ENV810

Georgia All Purpose AbsorbentThe Economical ENV* boom features interconnectivity, and a lint-free blue sleeve with a 5" or 8" diameter. For use with oil and petroleum based fluids.


Georgia All Purpose AbsorbentHydrophobic nature makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Heavier bonded to enhance strength and reduce linting. 1-ply, dimpled, perforated, medium weight pads. Now available in Heavy (SPC100) & Light (SPC200) weights!


Georgia All Purpose AbsorbentMAXX Enhanced ENV* is an oil only sorbent that's equally as effective on land as on water. Repels water and floats indefinitely even when saturated. 1-ply, white, economy, heavy weight pad.