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Water Softeners

Our water softening and rust removing pellets and pellens contain only high purity salt with virtually no insoluble particles for the improved regeneration efficiency of your softener resin. These professional grade products prevent the build-up of hardness minerals in the valves and screen of your softener, enabling it to remove twice as much dirt and impurities, as well as eliminate rust stains on laundry and dishes.

Morton System Saver Pellets

Morton System Saver PelletsMorton System Saver pellets enable your water softener to remove almost twice as much dirt and impurities and up to 5% more minerals from your water than salt pellets.

Available in 50# bags, 49 bags/pallet or 40# bags, 63 bags/pallet


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Morton Rust Remover Super Pellens

Morton System Saver PelletsMorton Rust Remover Super Pellens are formulated for use when noticeable amounts of iron are present in your water to reduce rust and eliminate rust stains. Super Pellens remove 15 times more iron or rust than plain salt.

Available in 40# bags, 63 bags/pallet


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