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Wipes and Rags

Our tough, versatile rags are perfect for cleaning heavy-duty dirt, oil, and grease. Made from recycled material, our wide variety of cost-effective rags are less expensive than rental rags or paper wipers. Available in a variety of colors and materials.

Reclaimed Rags

Rags are cut to wiper size with zippers and buttons removed. Boxes contain rags of varying sizes, type, and composition within each fabric family.

Less expensive than rental rags or paper wipers!

Multicolored Fleece

Multicolored Fleece

Economical for uses with grease, oil dirt, cement and grime.
Smooth jersey texture on one side with a fluffier 'downy texture on the other side.
Preferred for heavy duty and general shop and maintenance applications.
Contains recycled material from sweatshirts, sweatpants, or similar fleece apparel.

Available in 50# boxes, 16 boxes/pallet

Multicolored Polo/Knit

Multicolored Polo Knit

Preferred for water, grease and oil.
Ideal for vehicle/fleet maintenance, asphalt road construction, grease and oil applications and painting.
All-purpose, highly absorbent, soft and durable wiping cloth.
Contains recycled knit material from t-shirts, polo shirts, or similar knit apparel.
Also available in machine compressed bundles.

Available in 25# boxes, 35 boxes/pallet or 50# boxes, 16 boxes/pallet

Machine Compressed Multicolored Polo/Knit

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Item comes in vacuum sealed pouchs.

10# Machine Compressed bundles, 150 bundles/pallet or 25# Machine Compressed bundles, 60 bundles/pallet

Pure White Cotton

Pure White Cotton

All purpose wiping cloth.
Ideal for painting, furniture, or wood staining.
Will not bleed when using solvents/harsh chemicals.
Contains recycled material from cotton (various %'s) shirts, pants, or similar apparel.

Note - Not white knit material.

Available in 25# boxes, 35 boxes/pallet or 50# boxes, 16 boxes/pallet.

White Terry/Turkish

White Terry Turkish

Highly absorbent wiping cloth.
Ideal for oil industry, janitorial supply, garage, household, roofing, plumbing, painting, and staining.
Turkish towels are extra large for expanded wiping coverage.
Being white, they will not bleed when using solvents/harsh chemicals.
Contains recycled materials from bath towels, bath robes, or similar materials.

Available in 25# boxes, 35 boxes/pallet or 50# boxes, 16 boxes/pallet

Shop Towels and Wipes

Z600 Interfold Wipes

Z600 Interfold Wipes

Works like low lint cloth that's perfect for medium-duty wet or dry wiping applications.
Interfolds are perfect for jobs that require larger towels.
Made with 25% recycled cellulose fibers.
Up to 50% stronger than Kimberly-Clark's WYPALL X-60* in the weakest strength direction.
Portable dispensing box allows you to grab 1 sheet at a time.

Wet Wipe Degreaser

Wet Wipe Degreaser

Pre-moistened, citrus-scented hand towels with a unique non-scratching, scrubbing texture.
A powerful hand and surface degreasing cleaner that's gentle on your skin.
Multiple uses from wiping up oily spills to loosening and dissolving tough grime off of tools!
Cuts through oil, tar, grease, paint, lubricants, ink, wax, adhesives, and more!


Z400 Blue Shop Towels

Z400 Blue Shop Towels

Ideal for general shop, industrial, or home applications.
Blue color helps hide grease and grime better than white shop towels, allowing for longer use before being discarded.
Made with 40% post consumer recycled fibers.
Meets the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines.
Compare to SCOTT Shop Towels.*

*SCOTT Shop Towels and WYPALL X-60 are trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Corporation.