"Family Owned & Operated Since 1973"

Grand Rapids MI's Affordable Choice for Ice Melting Salt

For over 40 years, Flor-Dri Supply has been offering high quality products in Michigan and across the nation. We are the most trusted choice for industrial cleaning supplies and ice melters throughout the nation. Whether you're running an industrial plant, auto shop, or chemical plant, we have the products and cost-effective solutions you need to keep your environment safe and clean.

Products to Fulfill All Your Industrial & Commercial Needs

Flor-Dri Supply can also package any of the following bulk products into customer-supplied containers with private label packaging.

Our specialty products include:
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Ice Melters
  • Oil Absorbents
  • Water Softeners
  • Sand
  • Lite Sorbents
  • Sweeping Compounds
  • Wipes & Rags
  • Private Label Packaging

Our affordable pricing, top quality products, and excellent customer service make us the smart choice for supplying your industrial cleaning product and private label packaging needs. Get the products you need by calling us today!